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Crypto giants notch wins in expensive quest to sway U.S. politics without mentioning crypto

The cryptocurrency industry has been pouring significant financial resources into influencing U.S. politics, with the goal of shaping regulations and policies favorable to digital assets. Despite spending a substantial $169 million through a fund linked to the Fairshake PAC, the industry has strategically avoided directly mentioning cryptocurrency in its political campaigns.

The Fairshake PAC and its affiliated organizations, such as Protect Progress and Defend American Jobs, have backed over 20 congressional primary victories in the 2024 elections, even unseating an incumbent Democrat in New York. The fund's origins and ongoing ties with the crypto industry remain opaque, as major supporters like Coinbase, Ripple, and Andreessen Horowitz have been evasive about their decision-making processes.

The crypto industry's rationale for this extensive campaign spending is to give a voice to millions of Americans seeking tailored regulations for digital assets. However, the actual ads funded by the PACs typically steer clear of explicit crypto advocacy, focusing instead on broader political messaging.

The industry's strategy involves targeting districts favoring specific parties to support crypto-friendly candidates, a tactic reminiscent of past successful strategies. In a recent congressional race in New York, negative ads against the incumbent Democrat, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, contributed to his defeat.

The unprecedented influx of outside money into these elections, often dwarfing candidates' own fundraising, underscores the crypto industry's growing influence in shaping political outcomes. While the industry's bipartisan approach in distributing funds has raised eyebrows, it is not a newcomer to the realm of campaign finance.

The crypto industry's political funding efforts build on its significant financial contributions in previous elections, with prominent figures like Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, Brian Armstrong, and the Winklevoss twins emerging as leading donors. However, the industry's avoidance of direct crypto mentions in its political ads has drawn criticism for its lack of transparency.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency industry's foray into political funding marks a significant shift in how business interests influence elections. By strategically supporting candidates aligned with their interests and avoiding direct mentions of cryptocurrency, the industry aims to shape regulations and policies favoring digital assets. The substantial financial backing provided by key industry players is reshaping the political dynamics, positioning the crypto sector as a major player in U.S. politics.

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it raises concerns about transparency and ethical campaigning. Do you think this approach is justified?

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Ohidul Islam

I think so..