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DJT Solana Token Surges on Unconfirmed Report Trump's Behind It

The DJT Solana token, a cryptocurrency minted on the Solana blockchain, has seen a significant surge in trading activity and price following unsubstantiated rumors that former U.S. President Donald Trump is launching an official token by the same name. The token, which launched on April 21, has now logged over $129 million in trading volume across more than 26,000 transactions in just 24 hours, with its price frequently doubling and reaching a high of $0.37 per token.

Unconfirmed Reports and Rumors

The rumors surrounding Trump's involvement with the DJT token began with a tweet by The Pirate Wires, a publication known for its coverage of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The tweet suggested that Trump was launching an official token by the same name, with his 18-year-old son Barron spearheading the project. The publication's Editor-in-Chief, Mike Solana, clarified that he did not speak directly with Trump and was reporting what he knew through sources.

Crypto-Twitter Frenzy

The tweet sparked a frenzy on Crypto Twitter, with many users discussing the potential involvement of Trump in the token. The DJT token, which was previously unremarkable, saw a significant increase in trading activity and price following the rumors. The token's price has been extremely volatile, frequently doubling and reaching highs of over $0.37 per token.

Market Impact

While the DJT token's surge is significant, it is unlikely to have a major impact on the broader cryptocurrency market. The token's market capitalization is currently around $155 million, which is relatively small compared to other cryptocurrencies. The token's price is also highly volatile, making it difficult to predict its future performance.

Trump's Involvement in Crypto

Trump has been involved in the cryptocurrency space, particularly through his official NFTs and tribute tokens like MAGA. His name has been a reliable driver of crypto market interest, and his potential involvement in the DJT token has sparked significant interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Biden's Involvement in Crypto

Current U.S. President Joe Biden is also expected to attend a Bitcoin roundtable next month, highlighting the growing interest in cryptocurrency among political leaders. The possible role of crypto in the upcoming U.S. presidential election is drawing greater scrutiny, with both Trump and Biden inspiring a litany of tokens.


The DJT Solana token's surge on unconfirmed reports of Trump's involvement highlights the significant interest in cryptocurrency among political leaders and the potential for celebrity endorsements to drive market interest. While the token's market impact is unlikely to be significant, its price volatility and trading activity are notable indicators of the growing interest in cryptocurrency among mainstream audiences.

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Abdur Rehman • Edited

DJT Solana token's sudden rise shows how much influence rumors and speculation can have on crypto markets.