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SOL Price Could Increase by 9x after Spot Solana ETFs Approval

Analysts at crypto market maker GSR Markets predict that the approval of spot Solana ETFs in the U.S. could drive the price of SOL up by as much as 9 times its current value. This optimistic forecast is based on the potential inflows into Solana ETFs relative to the inflows seen by Bitcoin ETFs since their launch in January.

GSR Markets' "blue sky scenario" suggests that if Solana ETFs attract 14% of the flows that Bitcoin ETFs have seen, it could take SOL's price from the current $149 to over $1,320, while Solana's market cap would increase to $614 billion. Even in their more conservative "base" and "bear" scenarios, where Solana ETFs take in 5% and 2% of Bitcoin's flows respectively, GSR predicts price increases of 3.4x and 1.4x for SOL.

The analysts believe Solana is well-positioned for ETF approval due to its strong market indicators, active community, and significant market cap. Metrics like the Nakamoto Coefficient, staking requirements, and governance ratings suggest Solana meets the criteria for decentralization, while market indicators and community activity point to strong potential investor interest.

However, the path to a spot Solana ETF is not without challenges. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which already have or are nearing ETF approvals, Solana requires a federally-regulated futures market and demonstrated market correlation over several years. The SEC's recent labeling of SOL as a security in lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase also complicates the approval process.

Despite these hurdles, the analysts remain optimistic about Solana's prospects. They note that recent political shifts have led to bipartisan support for crypto regulatory frameworks, which could pave the way for future ETF approvals. The backing of the crypto industry by figures like former President Donald Trump has softened opposition from Democrats.

Moreover, Solana is not alone in the race for the next spot digital asset ETF. Ethereum, which has recently filed for ETF launches, is currently in the lead, with Solana closely following due to its positive scores across decentralization and demand metrics. Over $1 billion worth of Solana exchange-traded products are already offered worldwide.

While the potential price surge for SOL is exciting, it's important to note that the approval of a spot Solana ETF is not a foregone conclusion. Regulatory uncertainty and the SEC's stance on SOL as a security remain significant hurdles. However, if Solana can overcome these challenges and secure ETF approval, the resulting price increase could be one of the most substantial in recent cryptocurrency history.

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Abdur Rehman

SEC's classification of SOL as a security, remain significant challenges. How do you see this affecting Solana's future?