Nexo Review (2021): Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional banking in the realm of crypto? Do you prefer favorable interest rates and guaranteed loans based on crypto collateral?

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Everything I need to know :100:

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Mainly because the majority of the population do not trust crypto. The tech is in its infancy. Once the masses start piling in, you will see this interest rate lower for sure…

I don’t understand how Nexo don’t do credit checks. Can you explain this to me?

Is it worth buying the Nexo tokens? Is it beneficial enough?

Has Nexo ever had any security breaches we need to know about?

Yes, but you don’t need to know about it.

You don’t repay? They keep your crypto.

nexo not paying interest for 3 days now. no support. online bot

As you deposit your crypto as collateral, that itself acts as your credit check.

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nexo allows your crypto to be stolen if someone resets your password its gone in 5 min that is my horrible experience 150k gone in 5 min when nexo allows your password to be reset then the hacker moves everything from my wallet that has been there for over a year… hey nexo dont you think a red flag should be given when your password is changed then everything is moved from your platform!!!thanks for nothing maybe a 24 hour hold on assets after a security feature is changed would be a good idea like every other exchange has

In the information, you say that Nexo supports over 17+ cryptocurrencies.
Can we know which ones in specific?
Thank you .

I’ve been reading a lot about Nexo, like pros cons etc, Can I download the app in my iPhone and do everything there ? , If I buy nexo tokens how I can be sure that it would be worth for me ?

What kind of documents I have to provide that stand as testimony of my stated origin of funds for Nexo?

The insurance that you provide in Nexo has an extra cost? How can I be sure that my crypto would be safe ? I’m really looking forward to using it, just I would like to learn more about it.