Bitfinex Review: Pros, Cons and How it Compares

Considered one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based business, was established in 2012. The exchange is well-suited for advanced traders, and it offers the option for margin lending and trading.

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If you’re worried about security and you want a centralized exchange, Coinbase might be a better fit for you. They’ve never been hacked.

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Has Bitfinex ever been hacked?

Yes, but remember that they’re not the only ones that haven’t been hacked. I would actually recommend Kraken if you want the most secure centralised exchange.

They’re fully regulated as a bank in the US, have never been hacked, have the best support and arguably the best security measures out of anyone.

2,550 BTC was stolen from Bitfinex in 2016. It was the biggest hack since the Mt Gox hack.