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Is Nexo legit and safe to use?

What're your experiences with it? Is it safe? The interest rates are great.

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Felix Carter

I used them a few years ago and had no problems. I earned a tonne of interest on my SOL and USDC. I got out once things got a little hairy with FTX, but it seems they got through it. I haven't been back since, so I can't say if it's good now.

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In my experience, it's been great. There were a lot of conspiracy theories about them a couple of years ago, but they've mostly passed.

The got through a $100m fine from the SEC and the worst bear market since Bitcoin began. If they can survive that, I think they must be quite well run.

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I have PTSD from the lending crash. I just wish the space was way more regulated so that we could earn yield safely.