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Shutter Launches Anti-Front Running Solution on Gnosis to Fight $900M Crypto Theft

Shutter, an open-source protocol, has launched an anti-front running solution on the Gnosis blockchain to combat the growing issue of crypto theft through front-running attacks. This is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to protect the cryptocurrency ecosystem from malicious actors.

The Problem of Front-Running Attacks

Front-running is a practice where a trader exploits their access to information about pending transactions to execute trades ahead of the original trader, often resulting in significant financial losses for the victim. This issue has become increasingly prevalent in the cryptocurrency space, with estimates suggesting that over $900 million in crypto assets have been stolen through front-running attacks.

Shutter's Anti-Front Running Solution

Shutter's solution, developed in partnership with Gnosis, utilizes a technique called "threshold encrypted mempool" to combat front-running attacks. The mempool is the holding area where unconfirmed transactions wait to be included in the blockchain. By encrypting the mempool, Shutter ensures that the details of pending transactions are hidden from potential front-runners, making it much more difficult for them to exploit the information.

The threshold encryption approach used by Shutter involves multiple parties collaborating to encrypt the mempool data, ensuring that no single entity has access to the sensitive information. This decentralized approach enhances the security and resilience of the system, as it becomes much harder for a single malicious actor to compromise the entire network.

Benefits of Shutter's Solution

Shutter's anti-front running solution offers several key benefits for the cryptocurrency ecosystem:

  1. Increased Security: By protecting the mempool from unauthorized access, Shutter significantly reduces the risk of front-running attacks, helping to safeguard the assets of cryptocurrency users.
  2. Improved Fairness: The encryption of the mempool ensures a more level playing field for all traders, as they no longer have to worry about their transactions being exploited by front-runners.
  3. Enhanced Decentralization: Shutter's threshold encryption approach distributes the responsibility for securing the mempool, aligning with the decentralized principles of blockchain technology.
  4. Potential for Wider Adoption: As Shutter's solution is built on the Gnosis Chain, it has the potential to be adopted by other Ethereum-like networks, further expanding the reach and impact of this anti-front running technology.


Shutter's launch of an anti-front running solution on the Gnosis blockchain is a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against crypto theft. By leveraging threshold encryption to protect the mempool, Shutter is helping to create a more secure and fair cryptocurrency ecosystem, where users can have greater confidence in the integrity of their transactions. As the industry continues to evolve, solutions like Shutter's will play a crucial role in safeguarding the future of digital assets.

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Vicky Sharp

How does Shutter's threshold encrypted mempool approach differ from other anti-front running solutions, and what are the unique advantages it offers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem?