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Konami and Avalanche Launch Resella: Simplifying NFT Transactions

Japanese gaming giant Konami Digital Entertainment has partnered with the Avalanche blockchain to launch a new NFT platform called Resella. This collaboration aims to advance Web3 services by providing a streamlined solution for companies and organizations looking to integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

Streamlining NFT Transactions

The key focus of Resella is to simplify the creation, issuance, and trading of NFTs. The platform is designed to eliminate the need for external Web3 wallets and complex cryptocurrency transactions, making it more accessible for newcomers to engage with blockchain technology.

Resella supports transactions in Japanese yen, catering to the local market, but it also plans to expand its functionalities for global users. Developers can integrate Resella's features into their applications, allowing users to benefit from a straightforward marketplace experience.

Bridging Gaming and Web3

Beyond its core NFT functionality, Resella also facilitates the transition of existing platforms, particularly in the gaming industry, into the Web3 space. By making Web3 technologies more accessible, Konami aims to create an inclusive environment where businesses across various sectors can explore blockchain innovations.

The platform envisions new social experiences within the Web3 ecosystem. For instance, NFTs from gaming environments could be used as event tickets or to unlock exclusive in-game content, enhancing user engagement and creating richer experiences.

Powered by Avalanche Subnet

Resella is powered by an Avalanche Subnet and supported by Ava Labs' AvaCloud Web3 launchpad service. This ensures efficient operations with zero gas costs for users and consistent processing speeds, reinforcing the platform's appeal as an NFT solution.

Expanding Web3 Infrastructure

The launch of Resella comes at a time when the gaming industry is increasingly adopting Web3 technologies. Earlier in June 2024, the gaming-focused blockchain Ronin announced a new zero-knowledge (ZK) Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) layer-2 chain to scale Web3 games and support its game studio partners.

These developments highlight the ongoing efforts within the gaming industry to embrace and integrate Web3 technologies, creating a more unified gaming ecosystem that allows for seamless token swaps, asset transfers, and NFT trading between layer-1 and layer-2 games.


The partnership between Konami and Avalanche to launch Resella represents a significant step in integrating gaming with blockchain technology. By simplifying NFT transactions and enhancing blockchain accessibility, Resella aims to attract a wider audience and boost Web3 adoption. As the platform expands globally, it will likely influence the NFT marketplace and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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