Wirex Review (Updated 2021): Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Hi Brad,

Wirex makes money in a variety of ways:

  1. They create a spread on all their currencies

  2. They charge cardholders £1 per month, per card

  3. There’s a card issuance fee of £17

  4. ATM withdrawal fees

There are additional fees which you can read more about here

Anthony, I’m sorry to hear bout your experience. We’re taking this up with Wirex directly and will be in touch shortly.

Hi Sarah,

There is no minimum amount of Cryptoback Bitcoin you can withdraw from Wirex, however, be mindful of the fees associated with a withdraw. Sometimes, the fees are so high that it doesn’t make sense to withdraw your Cryptoback rewards.

A big scam…!!
My funds value in Wirex account is more than £75,000.00 as per yesterday. Wirex locked my account on 22nd Dec 2020. I contacted their support team many times but got NO solution.
Support team is just replying copy and paste text to all.
Like many customers, I waited years for this time for the price of Crypto to increase and Wirex has stolen my money, my earnings and my dreams.
Beware of this…!!!

My case is with FCA now

Too much frustration and stress by Wirex……!!!

Well done Dean Fankhauser, you are promoting a scam. WIREX mafia scam-bank cost me EUR50,000 ; they blocked my app after I deposited money saying awaiting verification (EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY VERIFIED)

If unfortunately you or anyone you know has fallen victim to THEIR scam which has resulted in a massive loss of funds . Do not lose hope
Get in touch .It is possible to get it all back .
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