Wirex Review (Updated 2021): Pros, Cons and How It Compares

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How do you add money to my Wirex card?

I have not had access to my Wirex account or funds for 130 days. Wirex standard response when I complain is 'We would be glad to provide you with the requested information, however, unfortunately, we are unable to do so until the completion of the investigation.
I’ve no idea what they are investigating, why or why it is taking so long.
When I ask for an update on their escalation support thread they remove my comments. They don’t like others to hear that they have stolen my money.

Wirex seems to be a sham -
Money in ok
Money out? fat chance
No customer responses
Crowdcube have a lot to answer for as do puppet reviewers such as yourself who have been completely duped.

How do I claim my Bitcoin rewards with Wirex?

Again, one has to question the impartiality of the review here, bearing in mind the sheer number of customers who appear to be unable to access their funds. Wirex appears to have disabled the ability to order a Wirex card for months now, which means that any investor cannot access their funds. Personally I have raised requests, which have received no response. To reiterate what someone below has said - you put money in, but there is no way to get it out!

Wirex is a complete scam. DO NOT USE IT! Just google the number of people saying the same thing. They are sophisticated and have many ways to fool people and an active team monitoring the bad reviews to make it look legit. They will eventually be taken to court by someone.

How does Wirex compare with Xapo?

How often can I withdraw Bitcoin interest with Wirex?

How does Wirex make money?

Wirex is blocking accounts with no reason and holding client’s money. Have a look at Trustpilot and you will realise how many people are being scammed in this loop of thieves. Unless they give us back our money, they are not to be trusted.
This article is very unfair as research is not properly conducted.

What is the minimum Cryptoback Bitcoin I can withdraw with Wirex?

Dean, have you done your home work on your review, as there is many upset and very concerned Wirex customers who have ALL replied with negative feedback. There must be some truth as all are saying same thing. Can you reply back with your thoughts. Last thing you need is for someone to blame yourself for loosing there possessions whilst following your guidelines . Thanks Mick

Dean, have you done your home work on your review, as there is many upset and very concerned Wirex customers are ALL saying same thing. Can you reply back with your thoughts.

Hi Kyle,

This is how you add money to your Wirex card:

  1. Add money to your wirex account by going to the currency you have such as GBP, USD or Euros

  2. Once you’ve added money to your account, you need to transfer it to your debit card

  3. Tap on ‘Cards’ from the home screen

  4. Select the card

  5. Tap ‘Add Funds to Card’

  6. Enter the amount you want to add to the card

  7. Confirm the amount you’re adding



Andrew, we’re taking this up with Wirex directly and will make sure they get in touch with you to solve this. Please contact us directly so we can put you in touch with the right people there.

Hi Sam,

To redeem your Bitcoin Rewards from Wirex:

  1. From the home screen, tap on ‘Rewards’

  2. In ‘Rewards’, you should be able to see the amount of "Satoshi’s’ you’ve been rewarded based on your spending

  3. If it’s greater than zero, tap ‘Redeem’ butt at bottom of this page

  4. Confirm your redemption

  5. Your Bitcoin that you’ve earned as rewards is now in your Bitcoin wallet on Wirex. You can transfer this to any other Bitcoin wallet you may have.



Kate, thanks for your feedback. This is something we’re going to take very seriously and take it up with Wirex directly. We’ll be back in touch shortly.

Hi Sebastian,

You can withdraw Bitcoin interest with Wirex as much as you like. It is worth nothing, however, that there are quite high fees to withdraw the interest, so it’s not great to do it too often.