MetaTrader 5 Review : Pros, Cons and How It Compares

MetaTrader 5 is similar to MT 4 trader software, saas based, cloud-based, easy to set up on mobile. good for forex trading and all sorts of trading activities. It helped me earn profits and easy withdrawals and easy trading. This trading platform is very easy and supports better analysis and charts on better time frequencies to help in better decision-making.


  • Forex trading

  • Analysis and charts with better time intervals

  • Better user interface

  • Trading based on AI and algorithms


  • Support can be better

  • Reachability is troublesome due to heavy user base

[Most Important Features]

  • Forex trading

  • Analysis charts and graphs

  • Easy UI and mobile support

  • Low trading cost and supports various platforms to operate

Return on Investment

  • It helped in better decision making while forex trading

  • Helped in clear understanding and easy guides on how to use this platform for trading

  • It helped earn better returns on investments, better than MT4

Alternatives Considered

  • Resolvr
  1. Better in terms of investor accounting and investor reporting management. 2. Easy to use and setup and better in terms of decision making with algorithmic charts. 3. Better in terms of pricing overall a good and well recommended product to use for all sorts of trading and forex, hedge etc.

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