Review: Pros and Cons. Is safe?

With the emergence of decentralized currencies online and the establishment of blockchain technology, global economies remain in the midst of a fascinating shakeup. By 2025, the blockchain technology market will reach upwards of $40 billion

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Is legit? I’ve heard mixed things about them.

Just to confirm, does not provide any insurance on funds?

I’d like to list the issues I’ve faced so far:

  1. They just seem to be too many things they’re doing now, first CeFi, then Debit Card and now DeFi, they’re big and have great marketing, but I prefer focused companies.

  2. I’ve hated the fact that there’s only a mobile app, I’d like to manage my investments on my laptop, on a browser

  3. I couldn’t finalize sending my funds from my UK bank account due to a bug in the UX

My first argument could be another person’s kudos but that’s just my opinion.

Stay away,’s customer service is literally the worst I have ever dealt with, which is completely unacceptable for an app that’s supposed to handle a commodity as volatile as cryptocurrency! They are more concerned with acquiring more new customers than serving/maintaining the ones they have.

I try transferring Btc from my wallet to an external wallet but it’s not going through and asking me to name the wallet,I’ve tried to name it and did all I could do but no way…I really need your assistance on this.

I’ve started to use them. Opening an account was fast. I’m amazed by the fees so far: During 90 days, there is no fee on the exchange nor on buying crypto with credit card. The exchange has liquidity and is aligned with the major exchanges. As you said, all features are not available everywhere; for instance I don’t have access to saving accounts. The help articles can be confusing sometimes.

I just started using and it won’t let me withdraw my gains… if anyone can help I would really appreciate it!..

Singed up, got the card in the mail, and the app says it hasn’t been shipped which means I can’t activate it. Only way to contact support is though chat, have been trying for two weeks now and no one responds. I did my part and locked up their CRO coin, but now its like I don’t exist to them.

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Hi E, it’s because of their savings interest rates going down, so people sold, and now whoever locked CRO for 3 years are crying, I have a couple mates who are, glad didn’t get into CRO…

CRO is down more than 20% :frowning:

As many have already commented, it’s a scam company. I’ve thousands of pounds in my Bitcoin wallet, purchased by depositing cash direct from my UK savings account. Now that I wish to withdraw my money, I have to do so from a fiat wallet. But in order to withdraw from the fiat wallet, I first need to have made a deposit into the fiat wallet. The only way I can do that is through a Lithuanian EURO denominated bank. Except I’ve no way of setting up an account with this bank, as far as I can see. So, basically I’m free to trade crypto currencies in the app or use it for purchases, but I’ve no way of getting my money back. I’ve tried messaging their so called support. I received one reply with a link to their information sheet on fiat wallets, which of course I’d already read and was absolutely no use whatsoever. Since then, over 8 days ago, nothing. Numerous attempts to make contact, each time I receive an automated reply saying they usually take a day to reply. It is absolutely criminal. I beseech anyone thinking of depositing money in this app, DON’T DO IT!

@rob_weeb12 You need to send 1 euro to that lithuanian bank account to verify your bank accounts. Thats what they mean. Nowhere does it say you need to sign up for a bank account with that party. please learn to read before you accuse someone of scamming.

1 Like is a complete scam. Makes nearly impossible to get your funds out ,customer service is email only and 90%automated replies. Platform is only easy and functional to add funds and buy crypto,good luck selling and transferring and creating fiat wallet to park cash in and then set up a fund transfer to only a few banks they accept. Every step of the withdrawal process is full of glitches,failures , error messages to contact customer service, unfortunately I fell for free trades for 30days and didn’t read the other buyers feedbacks in google app store that are getting robbed the same as I am. Over 40 emails unanswered , run fast from

Great exchange platform (site & app) AMAZING SO FAR :blush::blush:

So far I like this app from (1 week). New to crypto, been reading and researching on & off past 2 years, finally decided to invest this month. I started with Bitbuy as Im in Canada, options are limited it seems. They offers so many currencies and cryptos all in 1 place and the app is as easy to use as any other (think PayPal or Mobile banking, it’s really as simple as that but obviously will take time to become great using it). If you’re in Canada and looking for options, the app honestly seems much better (so far) than bitbuy, coinberry, coin smart or coinbase. Verification was simple, same night confirmed. The other sites I was having so much difficulty getting confirmed/verified then adding payment methods and got so frustrating thinking its because Canada is far behind.

I added my TD Visa db and Tangerine MC, both were approved, took a few attempts but worked and I saw that the transaction were posted on those accounts shortly after (you can call them to let them know you’re intending to make payments/purchase to a new account/merchant to avoid a security block/phone call). You get to setup a 6 digit passcode to sign in easily each time. You can alternate currencies or view in diff currencies. You can add variety of cards. It’s sort of like how they advertise in the videos; cool and fun too. The fees will range obviously, they advertise 0.0% fees but my bank charged an exchange rate since I made the error of using USD instead of CAD - that’s my fault (make sure to choose your currency in the settings, and verify before making purchase).

Hi Robert, I’m having the same problem… have you found a way round this yet? Only option I can see is to use the EUR option in the fiat wallet… but will lose money in exchanging to GBP!

I don’t know why so many people are having these issues with I am able to deposit, trade, and withdraw without any problems. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they keep increasing the stake amount in significant amounts. They also lowered the yield but that’s understandable.

Hi Daniel, I recently experienced some trouble withdrawing from my BlockFi, Nexo and CoinSpot accounts. I wasn’t receiving verification emails from any of them but found this super useful Gmail fix that sorted it all out for me. I’m not sure if this is the same issue you’re experiencing but worth a try. :crossed_fingers:

Performing proper due diligence is always required before engaging in any service.
If unfortunately you have been involved in any loss of funds to scams . Do not hesitate to reach to seek help. It is possible to get it all back . Get in touch .
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