BlockFi Review: Pros and Cons. Is BlockFi safe?

Does anyone know if BlockFi is insured?

What company audits BlockFi to make sure they are properly handling the money? I see that Deloitte audits Gemini, but who audits BlockFi?

dude the answer is above, it’s asked like five times, put in some effort

As an international investor (Mexico), do I need to report the interest I’m earning in my interest account to the IRS? Btw, I don’t even have a SSN and I only file my taxes in Mexico.

Hi Andres,

You only need to report taxes in your respective country. No need to deal with US-based tax authorities if that isn’t where you reside or where you’re from.


Hi, If I use BlockFI, what could be the risk in case the Bitcoin falls again? Thanks for your input . ?

BlockFi is a horrible company offering a very small number of cryptos compared to competition. Please be very aware that BlockFi has a 24-48 hour grace period for withdrawals. BlockFi DOES NOT OFFER INSTANT withdrawals. I performed an ACH transaction, I did not get my funds avail and withdrawn for 12 days!!! This company has offensively lengthy transaction times and customer service could care less about your circumstances. I would AVOID AT ALL COSTS, you can find much better platforms very easily.

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