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The German government has moved $425 million worth of Bitcoin

The German government has recently made significant moves in the cryptocurrency market, transferring $425 million worth of Bitcoin. This transaction has sparked widespread interest and speculation within the crypto community. The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is the agency involved in this transaction, which has been closely monitored by on-chain analytics firms like Arkham.


The BKA seized nearly 50,000 Bitcoins in January 2024 from the operators of, a film piracy website active in 2013. This seizure was the largest crypto seizure in German history, with the Bitcoins valued at approximately $2.12 billion at the time. The BKA received the Bitcoin through a "voluntary transfer" from the suspects, as reported by Arkham.

Recent Transaction

On June 19, 2024, the BKA transferred approximately 6,500 Bitcoins to a new wallet address labeled "bc1q0." This wallet then distributed 500 BTC each to various recipients, including the crypto exchanges Kraken and Bitstamp, as well as two unknown Bitcoin addresses. The remaining 500 BTC worth $32.64 million is still held by the BKA.

Market Impact

The transaction has had a noticeable impact on the Bitcoin market. Crypto trader Daan suggests that the action caused a slight dip in Bitcoin prices. Additionally, long-term Bitcoin holder whales have sold off $1.6 billion worth of assets in the last two weeks, likely through brokers. This sell-off could further impact the market if not absorbed by over-the-counter buyers.

Regulatory Context

The German government's involvement in cryptocurrency matters is not new. The BKA has been actively involved in seizing digital assets from criminal activities and occasionally auctioning them off. For example, the US government has auctioned significant amounts of Bitcoin previously seized from the infamous Silk Road dark web marketplace.

Future Outlook

The German government's continued involvement in the cryptocurrency market will likely shape the regulatory landscape for digital assets in the region. As the government continues to sell the remaining BTC, large players in the industry could capitalize on the opportunity. The recent transaction highlights the growing importance of cryptocurrency in the global financial landscape.


The German government's $425 million Bitcoin transaction has stirred significant interest in the crypto community. The BKA's involvement in the transaction underscores the agency's commitment to combating criminal activities and regulating the cryptocurrency market. As the government continues to liquidate its seized Bitcoin, the market will closely watch for any potential impacts on Bitcoin's price and the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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